Build Landing Pages That Convert

If you’re looking to launch a new service or product, or highlight an existing one, consider creating a landing page. A landing page is ideal for shining a spotlight directly on the great service or product you have to offer. However, simply having a landing page doesn’t guarantee sales.

While nothing guarantees sales, there are some steps you can take to optimize your landing page, putting it to work for you converting interest into sales.

Before you begin building yours, remember the goal of a landing page. Your landing page should be dedicated to selling ONE thing. You may have any number of other services or products, but today this website visitor is being introduced to just one. By narrowing the purpose of your high converting landing page, you make life simpler for your website visitor. You don’t want to frustrate them by requiring that they dig through visual clutter to find your offering or confuse them by what your service or product actually does.

In the end, you want to require visitors to think as little as possible. To do this, you’ll want to both remove distractions as well as create a clean, simple page with a clear, concise message.

So, let’s start by identifying and removing all distractions from your landing page. Not sure what might be distracting? Here are a two website components to consider.

  1. The Sidebar. Sidebars are a great way, on a regular web page, to display and group together necessary information. However, to create a high converting landing page you want to keep the focus on a single idea. By removing the sidebar, the only option visitors to the page have is to read the content you’ve decided is most valuable regarding that product or service.
  2. The Navigation. Landing pages that convert limit navigation options in both the header and the footer. No one wants visitors to feel trapped, but neither have they come to this page to read last month’s blog post. By limiting movement on your site, you keep their attention focused where you want it to be.

Now that we’ve cleared the page of distractions, let’s discuss where you should be focusing your time for your high converting landing page.

  1. Use words intentionally and sparingly. A simple message is less confusing. This might seem obvious, but it’s easy to get carried away by enthusiasm or over-marketing. Think of your page as prime real estate and make sure that each item you put on it represents the best part, or if necessary parts, of your product or service. Headlines should be straightforward, the call to action should be clear, and any content should be quality and engaging.
  2. Create interesting calls to action. Optimize your landing page by using your words cleverly. Give your page a personality that makes the visitor want to engage with your product. Sure your button can just say, “Submit,” but you’re missing an opportunity to tie a functional element of the page to a key aspect of your product or service. So instead of just “Submit,” consider something like “Grow Your Traffic”. Whatever it is, pick something that motivates your visitor and makes your product memorable.
  3. Use pictures instead of words. An ideal way to build a landing page that converts is to use pictures and video to communicate complex ideas. Not only is a page with multiple forms of content more interesting, it also appeals to the different ways that people learn. On top of making it easier for your visitor to understand what you’re trying to communicate, it also allows you to inject personality into your site all while continuing to keep the content simple.
  4. Make time work for you. Accomplish this in two ways. First, make sure your page loads fast. Visitors expect quick results; don’t frustrate them and drive them away before they even see your offering by building a bulky, slow loading page. Second, limit the time they have to make a decision. Create a reason for them to act now, some sense of urgency that moves them forward in the process.
  5. Be mobile friendly. Again, don’t keep potential customers from even seeing your product or service. Landing pages that convert are also easy to use on mobile. No matter where your visitor is coming from, make sure your message is getting to them.
  6. Look attractive. Just because a high converting landing page is simple doesn’t mean it should be ugly. First impressions are made in a moment and how your page looks will reflect on the visitors opinion of your offering. Use colors that appeal, that create a pleasant atmosphere to spend time in. Here’s a perfect opportunity to get them to want to spend time learning about your product or service.
  7. Provide an atmosphere that makes the visitor want to buy from you. While the look and feel of a page matters, ultimately visitors have to want to give you their hard earned money. Step up and stand out among the competition. Display trust seals and verified payment systems, if you have them. If you don’t, get them (where possible). Offer free shipping. Make it easy for the visitor to say yes to what you offer and feel like they’re getting value for that yes.
  8. Have the checkout immediately accessible. What is more simple and straightforward than allowing them to checkout directly from the landing page? Using a plugin like Quick Checkout allows you to seamlessly place your checkout form on the same page as your offering. No need for additional navigation, helps make the decision easier, and keeps them from moving off the page and losing their focus. It’s a must have for any high converting landing page.

In the end, creating landing pages that convert is really just about common sense. By limiting distractions and creating an environment that is focused, appealing, informative, and easy to act on you, you remove the barriers that keep visitors from buying your product or service. Go create your high converting landing page today.

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Cate DeRosia