Quick Checkout Changelog

Changelog for Quick Checkout


  • Improvement: Added code for license check on AmplifyPlugins.com


  • Fix: When Stripe loads 3D secure checkout confirmation, a redirect was loaded as if the payment was successful before the 3D secure confirmation could be processed. This fix prevents the redirect when Stripe loads the 3D secure confirmation popup.
  • Update: Updated .min.js, .min.css, and language translation file.


  • Fix: Quantity input box was not displaying on the checkout in certain circumstances.
  • Fix: The cart was not clearing when new products were added if set to clear in the global setting, but not also specifically set on individual products.


  • Fix: Deprecated jQuery.fn.load() could cause the checkout page to not load correctly in certain circumstances.
  • Improvement: Implemented auto updates. As long as a valid license is entered, you can have the plugin automatically update whenever a new version is available. This is optional if you prefer to manually update.
  • New: Included German language translation file.


  • Improvement: Fully compliant with WordPress and WooCommerce coding standards.
  • Improvement: Added security checks where they were previously missing.
  • Update: Updated language file for new text strings to be included in translations.
  • New: Added AJAX login script to enable users to login on the Quick Checkout modal without requiring a page refresh.


  • Fix: Typo in code caused WooCommerce Bookings to not be removed from the cart upon closing the popup window.


  • New: Bookable products using WooCommerce Bookings will be removed from the customer\'s cart when they close the Quick Checkout popup window. This allows the customer to return to the product page to change options but still book the same block. Previously the block would remain in the customer\'s cart and show as unavailable if they tried to book again. Bookable blocks are also now freed up immediately when the window is closed.
  • New: Confirmation alert pops up to let the customer know that the bookable product will be removed from their cart when the Quick Checkout popup window is closed. Customers can either confirm (click OK), where the window will close and the bookable product block will be removed from their cart, or deny (click Cancel) where the popup window will remain open with the product still in their cart.
  • None of these changes will remove other products from the customer\'s cart.


  • Fix: When Gravity Forms Product Add-ons was in use on a product with file upload fields, the Quick Checkout flow did not process correctly.


  • Fix: When Gravity Forms Product Add-ons was in use on a product and required fields were not completed, the Gravity Forms validation did not get triggered. Instead the page refreshed without any indication of what the error(s) were.


  • Fix error where quantity field didn\'t show on checkout page when quantity editing was enabled.


  • Fix license activation error when user is on the plugin\'s Settings page. User needs to be on the License page to activate the license, so they will automatically be redirected if on the wrong page.


  • Change ownership to Amplify Plugins
  • Fix single product options default options on existing and new products.


  • New: Filter added qc_set_url_data_attributes to customize shortcode html data attributes.
  • Tweak: Updated the plugin\'s lightbox script to the latest version.
  • Fix: The Quick Checkout "Buy Now" image button that appeared on hover over the product image was not being displayed on WooCommerce 3.0+ "Shop" and "Product" pages.
  • Fix: Broken link in plugin\'s settings fixed.



  • Fix: Bug when a customer would try to add a product without selecting appropriate required variations Quick Checkout would try to load anyways
  • Fix: Quick Checkout can now be loaded on non-https pages for support for user accepting payments via offsite gateways such as PayPal Standard & Express
  • Fix: Issue where callback to iframe parent would not pass reliably leaving elements like the ajax loader on page


  • Fix: Removed an errant string after a semi-colon which potentially could cause issues


  • Update: Updated iframeResizer.js & iframeResizer.contentWindow.js scripts to the latest version; tested for compatibility issues
  • Fix: Uncaught ReferenceError: parentIFrame is not defined - https://github.com/WordImpress/WooCommerce-Quick-Checkout/issues/78
  • Fix: Bug reported with the "clear cart" option not working as expected - the option was incorrectly defaulting to true when not set, it should have defaulted to false (or leave cart contents intact)
  • Fix: "quick-checkout-link" not working as expected when the link was on a page that does not have a checkout widget on it, or any other product at all... basically a non-woocommerce page - the checkout wouldn\'t load at all - https://github.com/WordImpress/WooCommerce-Quick-Checkout/issues/75
  • Fix: Formatting bug with the "Shortcode Display Options" settings description missing an anchor end tag


  • Fix: Updated for compatibility with WooCommerce\'s latest Stripe Gateway
  • Fix: Updated for compatibility with WooCommerce\'s latest Amazon Gateway
  • Fix: Fixed show_quick_checkout variation support
  • Enhancement: QuickCheckout can\'t work if no checkout page is configured. We throw an Admin alert in the WooCommerce settings now to alert the user if that\'s the case.
  • Fix: Logging into the site within the QuickCheckout modal window would blow up the modal to fill the page. It now fails gracefully.




  • Fix: parse args attribute. Previously was parsing a single index. Fixes issue with shortcode attribute.


  • Fix: IE11 bug preventing modal and reveal functionality
  • Fix: Password field is properly displayed for \'variable-subscription\' products now


  • New: Translatable .POT file added to the new languages directory; any translators who submit a valid translation file receive a free 1 year license for 1 site. Read about that at https://wordimpress.com/documentation/languages.
  • New: When a quick checkout button is clicked then a loading symbol now appears. The issue before was many themes don\'t correctly style the .loading class with WooCommerce, so when the Quick Checkout button was clicked nothing would display indicating the user has to wait for the checkout to load. This fixes that by providing the user a clear indication.
  • New: theme-compatibility.php added to house functions for specific themes
  • New: theme compatibility with the "Lotus Flower" theme
  • New: iDEAL payment gateway compatibility
  • Improved: Removed anonymous functions from add_filter to prevent some hosts from erroring out on it
  • Improved: Gravity Forms method for inserting submissions improved for version 1.9+
  • Improved: Removed use of extract() function within shortcode
  • Improved: Replaced use of get_product() with wc_get_product()
  • Improved: Subscription products now require account on first page load
  • Improved: is_checkout() override now checks for WC version using option flag to proceed. This is so that users of WC 2.3+ can take full advantage of the improved is_checkout filter.
  • Fix: Correct improper use of the double colon operator in shortcodes
  • Fix: Prevent other themes from adding a psuedo :after on quick checkout buttons, which would result in two loading animations on one button
  • Fix: Bug with multiple uses of [product_page] shortcode on one page @see: https://wordimpress.com/support/topic/quick-checkout-not-loading-for-single-product/
  • Updated: jQuery Magnific popup script to latest version 1.0.0 which in turn fixed a conflict with the "Flatsome" theme


  • WooCommerce 2.3+ Compatible

  • New: Updated is_checkout() handling to use new Woo filter
  • Update: Removed SCRIPT_DEBUG constant in favor of WordPress\' SCRIPT_DEBUG

  • Fix: Change address field works now even if "Enable enhanced country select boxes" option is not selected

  • Fix: Subscription products now require account properly for reveal & on page checkout implementations
  • Fix: Respect if product global options are disabled in the product specific JavaScript function
  • Update: CSS z-index that to ensure Stripe Modal displays over Quick Checkout modal

  • Hotfix: Return of the is_checkout() trick so that payment gateways that restrict their output of required scripts properly enqueue the scripts for Quick Checkout; stripe.js for instance would not load without is_checkout()


  • New: Support for various WooCommerce shortcodes [recent_products], [featured_products], [sales_products], and [best_selling_products] that\'s used by many page builders such as the Divi theme
  • Fix: Protect window.console method calls, e.g. console is not defined on IE
  • Fix: Ensure country select field changes conditional fields accordingly in checkout
  • Update: Replaced all instances of deprecated the_product() function with wc_get_product()
  • Update: Added is_shop() conditional check to class-woocommerce-quick-checkout-shop.php to ensure that it only runs on the shop page
  • Update: Increase the z-index value for the Modal that loads QC to a ridiculously high number to prevent certain theme elements from displaying over it. Divi, for example, has a sticky header with a z-index of 9999 which was displaying over the modal
  • Update: Added z-index CSS property to .quick-checkout-button-image-overlay class so that it appears over some overlays.
  • Update: Added .single_add_to_cart_button to single product button class to improve theme compatibility
  • Update: Scroll to top of modal if there is a validation error so user is aware
  • Cleanup: Separated core Quick Checkout plugin logic into new separate class file class-woocommerce-quick-checkout-engine.php
  • Refactor: Quick Checkout no longer attempts to "trick" is_checkout() conditional to enqueue necessary scripts; now we simply enqueue them ourselves
  • Avada Theme: Fixed display issue with shop page hover "Buy now" button
  • X Theme: Tested for compatibility; added .woocommerce-checkout to body tag classes to fix styling issue
  • Total Theme: Fixed issue with modal popup needing a clearfix; emailed AJ from WP Explorer to inform him of missing hook within products loop
  • OptimizePress: Evaluated this plugin and theme and determined it\'s not compatible with WooCommerce and Quick Checkout
  • WooCommerce 2.3: Tested against beta v2 in anticipation for future release


  • Update: Fixed issue with WP Engine caching and occasional issues with cached license activation responses
  • Update: EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater.php to v1.5


  • Fix: Resolved redirect issues with SSL/HTTPS - Quick Checkout now uses Woo\'s own SSL options to secure WooCommerce pages. If you are using a landing page then we suggest using the WP HTTPS plugin to target those pages specifically OR HTTPS secure your entire site (recommended).


  • Update: Gravity forms add-on support updated for WC 2.2+
  • Fix: "Session Expired" error now resolved by ensuring proper cart session cookies are set when adding product to cart
  • Fix: SSL functionality to ensure no conflicts with WC 2.2 class
  • Fix: Updated the way the "Replace the Add to Cart button with Quick Checkout" works so it hides the actual button with a tiny bit of inline CSS rather than the JS method.
  • Fix: Quick Checkout improperly outputting button on Affiliate/External product types
  • Testing: Extensive testing with WC 2.2+
  • General code cleanup, inline docs and organization improvement


  • Optimized: Reworked the way the plugin loads checkout scripts to be more efficient by using WooCommerce filter woocommerce_get_checkout_page_id. This works by setting the is_checkout conditional to true only when the wp_enqueue_scripts action is run in WordPress. This ensures conditional scripts, such as the stripe payment gateway, are loaded on every page of WordPress rather than just the checkout page.


  • Optimized: Removed a $.getScript request from the AJAX
  • Improved: Handling of login form\'s slide toggle improperly displaying before clicked upon
  • Fix: Removed woocommerce_checkout_fields action from woocommerce-quick-checkout.php in plugin root because it was causing complications resulting in "Session Expired" errors. After testing, it seems this action was being called twice - unnecessarily by Quick Checkout.
  • Removed SCRIPT_DEBUG constant from plugin as to not cause any "unexpected output" upon plugin activation
  • General maintenance, code clean up and testing


  • Fix: Reworked how checkout is loaded via AJAX so that the shipping field is loaded properly according to the products in cart.
  • Fix: Issue with login form hiding on my-account page - note that this issue should have been fixed in version 1.5 after reviewing the changelog below but it has somehow cropped up again.


  • Fix: Gravity Forms add-on bug with setting the current user to an admin preventing the forms from submitting and resulting in a "Session Expired" error to appear.


  • Update: For product variations display variation name, not slug, in checkout screen
  • Fix: [reveal_quick_checkout] shortcode support for variations, updated plugin docs
  • Fix: If variation of a product is not in stock then hide the Quick Checkout button on single product posts
  • Fix: If simple product is out of stock do not display Quick Checkout image overlay button on shop page


  • New: [reveal_quick_checkout] now supports quantities with the new "quantity" option
  • New: \'quick_checkout_shop_hook\' allows for modification of Checkout output for shop pages that may help compatibility with some themes; particularly, ones that use AJAX to load the shop page and don\'t account for Woo\'s before/after shop hook
  • Fix: Variable type products now validate on the single product posts as expected
  • Improved: More reliable mouse hover display for the buy now button that appears over the product image
  • Fix: Resolved several PHP warnings for Strict Standards


  • Fix: added conditional to check for is_checkout function to prevent fatal error on plugin activation


  • Fix: reworked how QC works with WooCommerce to output necessary checkout scripts
  • Fix: Ensure normal WC checkout page is always reachable
  • Fix: Single product post gateways now properly output required scripts
  • Improved: Image hover button code output for [product_quick_checkout]


  • New: [reveal_quick_checkout] shortcode now supports variations!
  • Improved: AJAX loading of [show_quick_checkout] shortcode that outputs a checkout on page
  • Fixed: Subscription checkout didn\'t properly require account
  • Fixed: Issue with [reveal_quick_checkout] displaying "Session expired..." error for non-variation products
  • Fixed: Issue with Payment Gateways loading of scripts for non-checkout pages


  • Fix: Conditional check for subsciption type products now actually in place


  • Improvement: JS handling of centering "Buy Now" button on product images
  • New: Support for Subscription Products! Now you can use Quick Checkout with your subscription products
  • New: Added addition conditional check for subscription type products for [reveal_quick_checkout] button output
  • Fix: Lightbox modal window not opening for Gravity Forms products for non-users (anyone not logged in with proper permissions)
  • Fix: Issue where the login form was incorrectly set with display none
  • Code cleanup: Removed unnecessary order_item_meta function


  • Fixed issue with multiple shortcodes on a single page
  • SSL: Improved handling of AJAX when SSL is enabled.
  • Improved: Body class outputs \'woocommerce\' now sitewide, not just when shortcode is detected in the post content. This improves reliability and the checkout styles.


  • New: Gravity Forms WooCommerce extension compatiblity is here... Hooray!
  • New: Added new output location for checkout located after the cart form on single product posts (uses wc\'s woocommerce_after_add_to_cart_form action to hook)
  • Improved: Better and more reliable handling of variation products
  • Fix: Bug with Clear Cart before product is added when the Replace Add to Cart button is enabled
  • Fix: Prevent Shop image overlay button from displaying on Gravity Form extension enabled products


  • New: [show_quick_checkout] now supports variation by id
  • Improved: Various inline documentation cleanup


  • Updated: Text for various options and settings to add more description and clarity
  • Updated: Added license activations remaining stat to license and improved various license styles
  • Updated: Added license expired text for licenses that have gone over their activation date
  • Improved: Reworked how the "Buy Now" button gets placed over the image so it\'s more reliable


  • New: Shortcode to add checkout directly onto page with a product already in the cart ready for immediate checkout
  • Updated: Readme.txt added more content


  • Fix: Plugin does not activate unless WooCommerce version 2.1+ installed and active
  • Fix: Minor PHP warning when trying to deactivate plugin with WooCommerce still active
  • Fix: Minor PHP Warning when plugin activated illegal string offset


  • Plugin release